Palawan is the best place to have your honeymoon. Well, I will always be biased because we had ours there.


When you say Palawan, you immediately think of Honda Bay or Underground River. BUT.. If you happen to be in Puerto Princesa, you may also want to try these places to have a taste of the island.


Ka Lui is the premiere destination restaurant of Puerto Princesa and even the whole of Palawan, that is according to the Lonely Planet books. At the entrance, guests will be requested to remove their footwear and they encourage everyone to eat barefoot. I loved their clam soup and dessert. 

ka lui


This is my top pick for value and adventure. It looks full but we didn’t have a hard time getting a table even without reservations. The ambiance is like Dencio’s transported to Palawan. Food is for sharing and the staff are quick and efficient. They are the only resto serving tamilok, an oyster like seafood, which I did not try. My adventurous side disappointed me that night.

kinabuch - mecon


This is the best place to go to for a quick bite because it’s just a few minutes away from the airport. Food is great and affordable. But what i loved the most are their serving platter, spoons and bottle. All made in clay and weaved kawayan..



This is a homegrown local cafe sandwiched between two commercial establishments. But this does not matter as this coffeehouse is quite famous in the city. People who have gone to Puerto Princesa before highly recommend this place as a must-try. If you ask a local for a good place to have coffee, they will direct you here in a heartbeat.

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We visited the place because we’ve heard that they have the best corned beef in town. If you know your corned beef, well.. you’ll know the brand. The place has a coffee shop culture, they serve cakes and pastries. Good meet-up place!

Divine Sweets


Baker’s Hill is known because of their must-try hopia,  their hopiang ube and baboy are the best! We checked it because our tour guide suggested to do so. He said that if we wanted to get something for TA-KE-HO-ME (or take home) Baker’s Hills is the place. We did not expect much, but what we experienced was a surprise. It is a feast in the eye and stomach.

baker's hill